The townsite of Stewart, B.C. looking south down the Portland Canal

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British Columbia, Canada

          Stewart's setting can only be described in superlatives, combining an oceanfront location with alpine scenery, glaciers, ice fields, and spectacular waterfalls. This setting and the outdoor recreation opportunities it offers, contribute in an important way to the communities lifestyles. The area offers, fresh and saltwater fishing, boating, hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and numerous other activities.
          Stewart's colorful history has been dictated by the fortunes of the mining industry.  The first exploration in the area took place in the late 1890's and the town site was named in 1905. An estimated 10,000 people resided in the area n the early 1900's, attracted by the prospects of gold; yet during World War I the population was reduced to less than twenty. Stewart was founded by two Scottish brothers, John and Robert Stewart.
          Major mines such as Premier Gold, Big Missouri and Granduc Copper have been established in the Stewart area. These projects created the impetus for population increases and attracted a skilled work force to the community. Mining is also primarily responsible for the development of support services such as heavy duty mechanics, welding shops, and transportation-related businesses, which provide service to all the basic resource industries. Today employment in the community is much more broadly-based and includes opportunities in transportation, mining, logging, retail and hospitality sector, and public administration.
          As a contact zone between the Coast Range Batholith and sedimentary formations to the east, the Stewart area is highly mineralized and contains proven reserves of a wide range of precious and base metals including gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc.

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Bear Glacier July 1, 2003
A view of the Hyder Dock (foreground), Town of Hyder & Salmon River (background)
Portland Canal
Town of Hyder
Salmon River
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Hyder, Alaska, United States


Hyder was originally called Portland city, and the name was changed in 1914 after Frederick Hyder, a Canadian mining engineer who predicted a bright future for the area. Hyders boom years occurred between the years 1920 and 1930, and the Riverside Mine extracted gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and tungsten until 1953. By 1956, all major mining had closed except for Granduc Copper Mine in Canada, which operated until 1984.
Hyder is known as the "Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska." Hyder's economy is based primarily on tourism today.
Visitors usually make more than one visit to
Fish Creek bear viewing area
, trying to view grizzlies and black bears as they feed on the spawning salmon.
Continuing on past Fish Creek visitors will re-enter Canada and begin their assent to the Salmon Glacier.
There are two public boat launching facilities to the Portland Canal one located in Stewart and one in Hyder. Be sure to check the tide tables to ensure safe launching.
The Border
Portland Canal
The photo to the left shows the close proximity of the towns of Hyder, Alaska and Stewart British Columbia. In the center of the photo you can see a fine line, this is the international border between Alaska and British Columbia

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Parts of the movie Insomnia, starring Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank were filmed in Stewart in July 2001
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Snowshoe Horse, courtesy of
Stewart Historical Society Museum
Guest Book Comments:

Karen (Australia)
Wednesday, 7/9/03, 6:27 PM
hello, we visited Stewart/Hyder last September and were simply blown away with the scenery/wildlife/hospitality etc. Initially it was not on our plans to visit but whilst on the Inside Passage ferry one of the staff members told us to visit. It was a most unbelievable experience to go out and watch the bears and wolves catch salmon in the early morning mist. Our 5 year old son still talks about the amazing experience of seeing the bears. Would I go half way around the world again to visit - you bet!!

Shannon (Dallas, TX)
Tuesday, 7/8/03, 11:22 AM
My husband and two friends are visiting your town today. They left Dallas, Texas on July 3 at 7:00 a.m. with the sole intention of riding to Hyder and then returning home. After looking at the website, I am sorry that I didn't have the opportunity to make the ride as well. What a glorious place to live.

Don & Carol (Perry, Iowa)
Monday, 8/11/03, 6:13 PM

We visited Stewart/Hyder the middle of July, 2003. What beauty.!! The glaciers and all the other scenery, including the bear and wild animals were fantastic. To watch the grizzly catch a fish and walk up the stream was a sight we'll never forget. The Bus was our very favorite place to eat. We met people, while camping in Stewart and at The Bus while dining, whom we know we will keep in touch with for a long time to come. Hyder is definitely a well-kept secret but not if we can help spread the word.!! We will be back. Thanks for the great hospitality.

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